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Student Services

Student Services

COPE (Conquering Our Problems Effectively):
Offices located at both Caldwell County Middle School and Caldwell County High School - (270) 365-8026

G/T (Gifted and Talented):
Main office located at Caldwell County Middle School - (270) 365-8020

HOPE (Helping Our People Everyday):
Main office located at Caldwell County Elementary School- (270) 365-8050

Main office located at Caldwell County Middle School - (270) 365-8020

Clinic located at Caldwell County High School – (270) 365-8035

1) Send a letter to the Caldwell Co Schools Superintendent stating intent to homeschool
2) Include the student's full name, birthdate, and address of the homeschool within the letter
3) Include the name of the homeschool within the letter
4) Can include the name of the curriculum to be used within the letter
5) Mail the letter to the address below or bring the letter to the Central Office:

Caldwell County School District
612 W Washington St
P O Box 229
Princeton KY 42445


HOME/HOSPITAL INFORMATION (also known as Homebound):
1) Obtain the application at the school where the student is enrolled, at Central Office located at 612 W Washington St, Princeton KY 42445 or download the form using the link below
2) Have the appropriate medical professional complete the required portions of the application
3) Complete any additional information required
4) Return the completed application to the  school or Central Office
5) You will be contacted whether or not the application has been approved; if approved, contact will be made by a homebound instructor to begin services
Home/Hospital Application Form (PDF Version)


MEDICAL EXCUSE FORM - required after ten (10) regular medically excused absence events
PDF Version

Laura White 
Director of Pupil Personnel 
612 W Washington St
Princeton KY 42445
(270) 365-8000