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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Caldwell County Schools Return to School Hybrid Model
September 14, 2020

Q. How will the hybrid model work?

We will offer in-person learning following the state’s Healthy at School guidelines and guidance from our local health department. We will follow an A-B hybrid model, with students attending school in person on either Monday and Wednesday, or on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Group A example:  If your student is in group A, he/she will go to the school in person on Monday and on Wednesday, and will be learning from home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Group B example:  If your student is in group B, he/she will go to the school in person on Tuesday and on Thursday, and will do blended learning from home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  

All students will do blended learning from home on Fridays.  

Preschool A-B hybrid model will be slightly different with Group A attending in person on Monday and Tuesday and Group B attending on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Q.  Masks- Will students be required to wear masks at all times during the school day? 

Yes, according to the new recommendation of the governor and our state health officials, students and staff should wear their masks at all times during the school day.  

Due to the age of preschool students, masks are encouraged but not required.

Q.  Will there be exemptions to wearing a face covering all day?

Yes. The following approved exemptions apply:
persons eating or drinking;
persons for whom a face covering would cause an impairment due to an existing health condition;
persons who need to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired and needs to see the
person’s mouth to communicate;
persons participating in recess and physical education classes while maintaining social distancing;
Preschool students

Q.  What precautions are being taken on school buses?
Unloading procedures- front to back/left to right
Varied drop off times
Assigned seats to assist with contact tracing
Disinfect high touch areas between routes
Disinfect entire bus daily with proper Personal Protective Equipment
Equip each bus with a hand sanitizer
Masks will be required at all times by students in grades K-12

Q.  Will there be sanitizing stations in the schools?
Sanitizing stations are installed in both the middle school and the high school.  We are awaiting arrival of stations for the primary and elementary schools.  These are expected this week and will be installed immediately upon arrival.  There are stations in the cafeterias of each school.  Each and every classroom will have sanitizer to be used by students and staff.

Q.  Where will our students eat while at school?
School based plans in place.

Q.  What happens if my student forgets to bring his/her mask to school?  
Each school will have extra masks available, should a student or staff forget or lose their mask.

Q.  What happens if a child becomes sick during the school day?  
If your child becomes sick during the school day, he/she will have a temperature check.  If the temperature is at 100.4 or higher, the school will have the student wait in their quarantine room, and will immediately contact the parent to pick up the child from the school.   

Q.  What will morning parent drop off look like?  
Parents will use typical drop off locations.  School staff will check student temperatures, while students are still with the parent/guardian.  If the child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the student will be asked to return home with the parent/guardian.  The student will not be allowed to remain at the school.

Q.  Will student and staff temperatures be taken each day?  
Yes.  For car riders:  as a vehicle pulls to the drop off area, the student’s temperature will be taken. If the temperature is less than 100.4 the child will progress into the building and to their classroom. If the temperature is more than 100.4 the parent will be asked to take the child with them.  The child will not be allowed to remain at school. 

Yes.  For bus riders:  Students will have their temperature taken before exiting the bus each day.  

Q.  What is the temperature level at which I should keep my child home from school? 
If a child has a temperature of 100.4 or more, the child should not report to school.

Q.  What will students be doing on the days that they are not in-person at the school?  
On the day that your child is not present at the school building, they should continue to work on assignments given.  Students should monitor deadlines, complete and submit work as assigned, monitor grades, communicate with teachers for questions or clarifications.  Just as teachers are expected to instruct at high levels with relevant content that prepares our students for their future, students will be held to high expectations regarding their completion of work, meeting of deadlines, and progression of content. 

Q.  How can I communicate with my child’s teachers?  
Please check with your child’s specific school.  Our schools are offering multiple methods of communication, both through technology and through personal contact, such as phone calls.  Schools and teachers have google classrooms, email accounts, remind accounts for texting, and various other forms of communication.  Also, our district is committed to continuing to have updates and information on our district website.