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Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum, instruction and assessment are key components to a quality school system. Curriculum comprises the material that is taught. Instruction is the manner in which the material is taught. Assessment is the way that student learning is evaluated.

Caldwell County schools have developed curriculum that is based on state and national standards and which provides a consistent program of studies for each grade level. In addition, the curriculum allows opportunities for students to go above and beyond this foundation via honors, advanced placement and dual credit courses offered through Caldwell County High School. Our curriculum is free of bias and ensures that all students receive a high-quality education regardless of the school they attend. The Caldwell County Schools curriculum is constantly monitored to ensure that it remains in alignment with standards and that it provides educational coordination from level to level.

The Kentucky Program of Studies and the Kentucky Core Academic Standards form the foundation on which the instructional program is based. A variety of instructional methods are used in, and out, of the classroom in order to reach all students, regardless of ability or disability. Caldwell County teachers are involved in on-going professional learning opportunities to provide our students with the most effective instructional methods available.

In order to know that our students are learning, periodic assessments are taken. The true purpose of assessment is to gather evidence of student learning that will inform instructional decisions in ways that maximize the learning. Assessment allows us to continuously analyze student progress toward mastery of content and skills. In Caldwell County, assessment occurs both in summative (i.e. chapter, unit, standardized, state, etc.) and formative (i.e. anecdotal records, checklists, exit slips, etc.) manners. Ongoing assessment is often called formative assessment. These are assessments conducted throughout instruction and learning to diagnose student needs, plan the next steps, and provide students with feedback they can use to improve the quality of their work. The focus is on improvement and student growth. A comprehensive assessment of learning is often called summative assessment. These are assessments that occur after learning has taken place. The primary purpose of this assessment is for accountability to certify student competence. Examples would be achievement tests, K-PREP, End of Course (EOC) exams, final exams, placement tests, short cycle assessments and grade reports. Students participate in mandatory state testing each spring. Students also have the opportunity to participate in national testing such as the ACT and SAT. In the classroom, different varieties of assessment are used to obtain the best information as to the student's performance level at a particular time.

All three areas - curriculum, instruction, and assessment - are essential to our students to ensure that they are being prepared for the future. At periodic times throughout the year, parents and guardians are given opportunities to discuss their student's progress with teachers and other school officials. These conferences are designed to assist parents and guardians with issues that their child may be having in their educational career. Formal parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and the spring, and teachers and guidance personnel are available to talk with parents or guardians at any time throughout the school year as needed.

For more information about curriculum, instruction, and assessment, please visit the links below and contact:

Gretchen Wetzel
Caldwell County Schools
612 W Washington St
Princeton KY 42445



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